How best air compressor works and what function they have

Broadly speaking, the best air compressor can be classified into two parts, namely Positive Displacement compressor, and Dynamic compressor, (Turbo), Positive Displacement compressor, consisting of Reciprocating and Rotary, while Dynamic compressor, (turbo) consists of Centrifugal, axial and ejector. These best air compressor also with piston compressor, because it is equipped with a piston that works alternating or reciprocal motion. Air intake is regulated by intake valve and piston that is inhaled by the movement away from the valve. At the time of suction, air pressure inside the cylinder decreases, so that the outside air will enter into the cylinder naturally. At the time of movement of the compression piston moves to the bottom dead point to the top dead point, so that the air above the piston high pressure, then put into a storage tube air. best air compressor Storage tube is equipped with a one-way valve, so that the air in the tank will not return to the cylinder.

The process is ongoing to obtain the necessary air pressure. Movement sucking and compressing the tube into this container continues over time, generally when the pressure inside the tube has exceeded the capacity, the safety valve will open, or a driving machine will turn off automatically. Storey air compressor used to generate a higher air pressure. Best air compressor Incoming air will be compressed by the piston first, then cooled, then introduced the second cylinder to be compressed by the piston to the second desired pressure. Best air compressor Compression (compression) air second stage is bigger, the air temperature will rise during the compression occurs, so need to experience the cooling process by installing a cooling system. Cooling methods are often used for example with air or with a system of circulating water system. Limit the maximum pressure for a reciprocal piston type compressors, among others, to the compressor a pressure level of up to 4 bar, while two or more pressure levels of up to 15 bar.

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